Metrotown Holiday Hours ~ Moonlight Madness Starts Tonight!

Moonlight Madness starts tonight at Metropolis at Metrotown! That means we will open until 11 pm every night until Xmas Eve. At Richmond Centre, we will be open until 9 pm every night until Xmas Eve.

How is your holiday shopping going? It seems that every year, there are going to be those who shop early in November and then there are those who shop right near the end. Which is better? Shopping early has its advantages in that you avoid the crowds, you get first picks at all the merchandise and you have enough time to order in the exact model or size you want which really reduces your stress level. Shopping later has its advantages too as you get to enjoy the deeper discounts closer to holiday time but now you’ve also got to contend with the crazy crowds of other frenzied shoppers for parking spots and merchandise.

Having said that, it’s not too late to start your shopping today! Here are a few things you can do to reduce the stress level and get the most out of your holiday shopping this year:

- Go Early! It might be cold and dark in the early morning but do try to make a trip down to the mall before lunchtime. You’ll thank yourself when you get there and find that the merchandise you want is neatly laid out and organized on the shelves and other shoppers aren’t pushing you aside to get to it.  Around lunch time and thereafter, you’ll see the traffic really pick up as people on lunch breaks and kids off from school also start their shopping.

- Can’t get up early enough?  Try going around dinner time (usually between 5-7 pm). This is usually the time when the first wave of shoppers have finished their shopping. As they get ready to go home for dinner, you’ll see the parking spots clear up and during this short downtime, the stores may be refilling merchandise back onto the shelves.

- Split up. You may want to share more holiday moments with your significant other but shopping hand in hand with him or her is not necessarily the best holiday event to partake in together. There is just so much going on around  you that it’s easy for your husband to get annoyed while looking for parking or you may be equally frustrated yourself when you ask him for his opinion on your choices and he tells you to “get whatever”. Try to do your shopping alone or you can decide to split up the shopping. And once you’re done, you can take your time making your holiday memories a romantic one by taking a walk in the snow or sharing a kiss underneath a dazzling array of Christmas Lights.

You and 2 Girlfriends can win tickets for the Kitty Kommotion Event we are sponsoring – the Ultimate Girl’s Night Out. Pre-party starts at 830 pm and features a beauty bar and VIP pampering. There are 2 sets (set of 3 tix) to be won. 2 commenters on any of our albums will be chosen to win. Winners to be announced on Sunday.

Location: BLVD 22
Time: ‎8:30PM Saturday, July 16th
You’ll also get a chance to win this dress from Mimi McQueen:

Easter Weekend Holiday Hours

GOOD FRIDAY: Holiday Hours are 11-7pm (metro) & 11-6 pm (richmond).

EASTER SUNDAY: This year we are OPEN ON EASTER SUNDY at METRO. (richmond is closed)

MONDAY: Regular Hours resume 10-9pm (metro) & 930-7 (richmond)

We will do our part during Earth Hour

Saturday, March 26th:  830pm-930pm

We will be taking part in EARTH HOUR tomorrow from 830-930pm. It’s a global initiative to turn off the lights to fight climate change.  While the store is open to the public, we will turn off some of our “extra” interior lighting during this time.

Earth Hour began in Sydnesy, Australia in 2007 with over 2.2 million participants and spread worldwide in 2008 with over 50 million people in 35 different countries.

Fun Facts:

Did you know? All our green Mimi McQueen plastic bags are Bio-Degradable? These bags “self-destruct” from pressure and sunlight causing less waste to landfills.

Throughout the year both properties of Metropolis at Metrotown and Richmond Centre works hard to continue to do its part for the environment by executing programs that work to reduce the centre’s carbon footprint. All merchants follow in the thorough recycling programs by sorting and placing garbage in their respective recycling bins. The end goal is to achieve 0% waste.


Lion Dance at Richmond Centre Today!

Happy New Year of the Rabbit! 

Join us for the Dragon Dance Celebration at Richmond Centre today where the Lion will dance around and bestow good luck and fortune to everyone in the brand new year!

At 1 pm, the Dragon will “wake up” at the Grand Court and then work his way around the mall to each store as it performs the “Choy Ching” ceremonial dance. Be there to watch the festivities and receive the lion’s blessings for bright New Year ahead!



She Deserves to Get What She Wants!

It’s the thought that counts. And you know she LOVES Mimi McQueen! Get her our loadable Gift Card!

Mimi McQueen Gift Cards can be loaded with any amount (min. $25). Use it like a credit card, the total value stays inside the card until it’s emptied out. Unlike some other Gift Cards, there are no annual service charges if no transaction has been recorded at the end of the year.


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