Top 5 Dresses for the Office Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again! You wake up to frost on your car windows and every where you go you see the holiday versions of your favourite products. It’s also the time for the Office Holiday Party and you’re probably busy gathering info from your co-workers on what they’re planning to wear and who they’re going with. Today, we’ve included tips on preparing for the party and our picks of the Top 5 dresses for the Office Holiday Party.

Do  keep it elegant and festive

Don’t go overboard with the holiday themed pins and paraphenilia. Just one festive pin or cute winter hat is enough to pull off a great holiday ensemble. Avoid wearing green and red together. Even if its the holidays, you don’t need to end up looking like Santa’s Little Helper :) 

Do pay attention to the details on the invite. Note the time, venue and activities to determine the appropriate attire. If the event is during the workday, then wear something a little more fancier than what you’d usually wear to the office. You can pair a silk, cashmere or velvet top with a nice pair of trousers and add on pretty accessories like sparkly earrings or a drop necklace. 

Don’t wear anything too sexy or revealing. Remember, these are still your co-workers and superiors. You have a professional reputation to uphold and you still want them to see you in the same way the next day. Furthermore, if you’re in a corporate environment, your superiors may be judging how you handle yourself in social situations since meeting important clients may be an integral part of your job. Avoid hemlines that go any higher than 3 inches above the knees, backless items, deep plunging necklines, ostentatious fur, out of control sparkles or outrageous getups. 

Do ask co-workers what they are planning to wear and how they will get to the venue. Perhaps they have gone to similar events in the past and can fill you in on what to expect in respect to how the event will unfold. In some companies, office holiday parties can turn out to be an informal staff meeting with snacks and awards. In other companies, it may be a black tie gala where you should look and be at your best in order to get noticed for the job promotion. You just don’t want to show up having prepared for something else entirely. 

Don’t assume you can bring your friends or family. Make sure your invite specifically say that it is okay to bring others along and do note how many.

Do thank your host for a lovely evening. You know its common courtesy to do this in social situations of a personal nature but this is surprisingly overlooked when its a party held by your company. It’s always nice to recognize the amount of time, effort and money spent on arranging the party. Doing this will really make you stand out in the crowd. You should seek out the relevant parties and thank them in person before you leave. These people include the person footing the bill and the person who organized the event. Make sure whomever you invited along also comes with you to say a simple thank you too.

1. You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress. The hemline of this dress is of an appropriate length. The shape is understated but it has a sparkly neckline that adds a nice touch for formal events. If your event is a sit down dinner, you can pair this dress with a bolero cardigan to avoid exposing too much skin. 

2. Red is always a great color choice for the holiday season. If you’re planning on wearing red, match it with neutrals like black, silver and white. Although, you might think its very festive, avoid pairing it with green. 


3. If red is too intense for you, purple is a nice alternative. From Eggplant, violet to lavender, there are just so many shades to choose from. Eggplant purple errs on the safe side since it’s a nice dark colour that almost looks black in low lighting. Below we’ve chosen a light purple evening dress cut from a fancy satin fabric adorned with pretty gem stones. The simple shape follows the contours of the body but isn’t too tight or inappropriate. Its a feminine look that matches surprisingly well with a daytime blazer. When you button up the double breasted blazer, you can even wear this dress at the office before the party. 


4. This structured taffetta number is cut from a sophisticated Navy Blue and has spaghetti straps that ensure your dress stays up as you dance and move about. Navy Blue really POPS when paired with white. It will really enhance and bring out the best in this elegant colour. Avoid pairing it with black as it will darken up your outfit and does nothing to highlight the colour. The scallop design in the bust area is excellent for adding volume to the chest for those who are not well endowed. 

5. This last pick is a conservative Little Black Dress that has a lot of coverage and can be worn again in the daytime at the office. If you choose to wear something simple like this, make sure you add some sparkle to your look by adding pretty accessories.  

We hope this article was helpful to you. Have fun at your event and send us your comments, suggestions or funny holiday party stories ;)




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