Metrotown Holiday Hours ~ Moonlight Madness Starts Tonight!

Moonlight Madness starts tonight at Metropolis at Metrotown! That means we will open until 11 pm every night until Xmas Eve. At Richmond Centre, we will be open until 9 pm every night until Xmas Eve.

How is your holiday shopping going? It seems that every year, there are going to be those who shop early in November and then there are those who shop right near the end. Which is better? Shopping early has its advantages in that you avoid the crowds, you get first picks at all the merchandise and you have enough time to order in the exact model or size you want which really reduces your stress level. Shopping later has its advantages too as you get to enjoy the deeper discounts closer to holiday time but now you’ve also got to contend with the crazy crowds of other frenzied shoppers for parking spots and merchandise.

Having said that, it’s not too late to start your shopping today! Here are a few things you can do to reduce the stress level and get the most out of your holiday shopping this year:

- Go Early! It might be cold and dark in the early morning but do try to make a trip down to the mall before lunchtime. You’ll thank yourself when you get there and find that the merchandise you want is neatly laid out and organized on the shelves and other shoppers aren’t pushing you aside to get to it.  Around lunch time and thereafter, you’ll see the traffic really pick up as people on lunch breaks and kids off from school also start their shopping.

- Can’t get up early enough?  Try going around dinner time (usually between 5-7 pm). This is usually the time when the first wave of shoppers have finished their shopping. As they get ready to go home for dinner, you’ll see the parking spots clear up and during this short downtime, the stores may be refilling merchandise back onto the shelves.

- Split up. You may want to share more holiday moments with your significant other but shopping hand in hand with him or her is not necessarily the best holiday event to partake in together. There is just so much going on around  you that it’s easy for your husband to get annoyed while looking for parking or you may be equally frustrated yourself when you ask him for his opinion on your choices and he tells you to “get whatever”. Try to do your shopping alone or you can decide to split up the shopping. And once you’re done, you can take your time making your holiday memories a romantic one by taking a walk in the snow or sharing a kiss underneath a dazzling array of Christmas Lights.

Top 5 Dresses for the Office Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again! You wake up to frost on your car windows and every where you go you see the holiday versions of your favourite products. It’s also the time for the Office Holiday Party and you’re probably busy gathering info from your co-workers on what they’re planning to wear and who they’re going with. Today, we’ve included tips on preparing for the party and our picks of the Top 5 dresses for the Office Holiday Party.

Do  keep it elegant and festive

Don’t go overboard with the holiday themed pins and paraphenilia. Just one festive pin or cute winter hat is enough to pull off a great holiday ensemble. Avoid wearing green and red together. Even if its the holidays, you don’t need to end up looking like Santa’s Little Helper :) 

Do pay attention to the details on the invite. Note the time, venue and activities to determine the appropriate attire. If the event is during the workday, then wear something a little more fancier than what you’d usually wear to the office. You can pair a silk, cashmere or velvet top with a nice pair of trousers and add on pretty accessories like sparkly earrings or a drop necklace. 

Don’t wear anything too sexy or revealing. Remember, these are still your co-workers and superiors. You have a professional reputation to uphold and you still want them to see you in the same way the next day. Furthermore, if you’re in a corporate environment, your superiors may be judging how you handle yourself in social situations since meeting important clients may be an integral part of your job. Avoid hemlines that go any higher than 3 inches above the knees, backless items, deep plunging necklines, ostentatious fur, out of control sparkles or outrageous getups. 

Do ask co-workers what they are planning to wear and how they will get to the venue. Perhaps they have gone to similar events in the past and can fill you in on what to expect in respect to how the event will unfold. In some companies, office holiday parties can turn out to be an informal staff meeting with snacks and awards. In other companies, it may be a black tie gala where you should look and be at your best in order to get noticed for the job promotion. You just don’t want to show up having prepared for something else entirely. 

Don’t assume you can bring your friends or family. Make sure your invite specifically say that it is okay to bring others along and do note how many.

Do thank your host for a lovely evening. You know its common courtesy to do this in social situations of a personal nature but this is surprisingly overlooked when its a party held by your company. It’s always nice to recognize the amount of time, effort and money spent on arranging the party. Doing this will really make you stand out in the crowd. You should seek out the relevant parties and thank them in person before you leave. These people include the person footing the bill and the person who organized the event. Make sure whomever you invited along also comes with you to say a simple thank you too.

1. You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress. The hemline of this dress is of an appropriate length. The shape is understated but it has a sparkly neckline that adds a nice touch for formal events. If your event is a sit down dinner, you can pair this dress with a bolero cardigan to avoid exposing too much skin. 

2. Red is always a great color choice for the holiday season. If you’re planning on wearing red, match it with neutrals like black, silver and white. Although, you might think its very festive, avoid pairing it with green. 


3. If red is too intense for you, purple is a nice alternative. From Eggplant, violet to lavender, there are just so many shades to choose from. Eggplant purple errs on the safe side since it’s a nice dark colour that almost looks black in low lighting. Below we’ve chosen a light purple evening dress cut from a fancy satin fabric adorned with pretty gem stones. The simple shape follows the contours of the body but isn’t too tight or inappropriate. Its a feminine look that matches surprisingly well with a daytime blazer. When you button up the double breasted blazer, you can even wear this dress at the office before the party. 


4. This structured taffetta number is cut from a sophisticated Navy Blue and has spaghetti straps that ensure your dress stays up as you dance and move about. Navy Blue really POPS when paired with white. It will really enhance and bring out the best in this elegant colour. Avoid pairing it with black as it will darken up your outfit and does nothing to highlight the colour. The scallop design in the bust area is excellent for adding volume to the chest for those who are not well endowed. 

5. This last pick is a conservative Little Black Dress that has a lot of coverage and can be worn again in the daytime at the office. If you choose to wear something simple like this, make sure you add some sparkle to your look by adding pretty accessories.  

We hope this article was helpful to you. Have fun at your event and send us your comments, suggestions or funny holiday party stories ;)




How to Clean Your Delicate Clothing Pieces

Are you guilty of this? Do you only wear your delicate clothing pieces for special occasions and hang them back into your closet without ever attempting to wash them? You justify this because you rarely wear it and the label is too intimidating – “hand wash only”.  Either because you lack time or you’re just unsure how to do it properly, you somehow never get around to it. Today, we’ll show you how to clean out your delicate clothing pieces so that you can wear and enjoy them more often.

First of all, check the label and see how it recommends you treat it. If it says “Hand Wash in Cold/Warm Water”, then you can wash it as per the instructions below. But what if it says “Dry Clean Only”? It may not necessarily mean that you absolutely can’t treat it yourself at home. Clothing companies are very prudent in their labelling to limit their liability if anything goes wrong. Use your good judgement. Natural fibres like wool, silk and cashmere are the trickiest to treat yourself because they have a high likelihood of shrinkage. Cottons and polyesters are pretty rough and tumble materials but if they have a dry-clean only label, most likely its due to delicate trimmings on the item or the item is a structured blazer or jacket that may lose its shaped in the home cleaning process. When in doubt, bring it to the Dry Cleaners.  (“How to Tell If Your Dry Clean Item Can Be Hand Washed” is definitely a topic for another blog post. Stay tuned.)

General Rule of Thumb: To prevent shrinkage (especially true for wool and other natural animal fibres), always avoid exposing your pieces to heat sources like your dryer or hot water.

1. Soaking your Item:

Pour a small amount of washing detergent into a tub and add a small amount of hot water to help dilute it. Once you see the detergent is sufficiently diluted, you can start adding enough lukewarm water to cover your clothing item. Put your clothing into the solution and ensure that the entire item is fully submerged. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes, depending on how deep your stains is (if there is any)

2. Removing Stains:

If there are still traces of stains on your item, lightly rub the fabric back and forth to remove it.

3. Rinsing your item:

Rinse the item out thoroughly under warm water until it is free of the detergent solution.

4. Wringing out your item:

Gently ring out the item being careful not to “set in” wrinkles during this process. You can also try turning on the last spin cycle in your washing machine and let your item “spin” for a few seconds. Its a great way to get all the excess water out of your item but remember, just a few seconds is all you need. You don’t want your item to lose its shape in the process. This is also a necessary step for 2 colour tone items that incorporate both light and dark colour panels because you don’t want the dark colour to “seep” into the lighter areas when its wet.

5. Drying your item:

Light delicate fabrics like silk and satin do not need to be wrung out aggressively since they don’t hold much water to begin with and wrinkles tend to set into the fabrics easily. Simply wring them out lightly and hang them directly on hangers to dry.

Heavy weighted sweaters and knit fabrics should be wrung out as much as possible since they take longer to dry and may become smelly if left in a damp state. Do not  hang your sweaters up to dry as water weighs down the yarn and pulls the sweater down into a much longer shape. Lay it flat to dry in a dry heated room for best results. You can also try laying it on top of a dryer thats in use. The heat from the dryer surface will help dry up your sweater without shrinking it.

There you have it, now there is no excuse not to clean your items without stowing them back in the closet :)

Ask Mimi: How to Dress for the Bachelorette Party

Dressing For the Bride:

- For the bachelorette party, the bride should be dressed in a color that will make her stand out amongst her guests. In keeping with the wedding theme, white is by far the most preferred colour of choice of brides. This is a time to have fun and let loose before the wedding so opt for sexy styles that will have all eyes on you. If you know your event will involve club hopping, drinks and a group of energetic guests who like to have fun, its best to choose a modestly priced dress with a lot of room for movement. This will allow you to move about easily from place to place and you’ll be able to take it all in stride if your fun loving guests accidentally spill their drinks on you. Click here to read how to get red wine out of a white dress.

These contour bra sequin bra dresses are eye catching and give wonderful cleavage even if you’re not well endowed. The body is cut from a stretchy material that shapes to your body and lets you dance and move about comfortably to where ever you need to be.

For low key sit down dinners, you can opt for a classier and elegant option like the gem bust dress and taffeta tube below. Cover up in the early evening with a matching white cardigan to help you stay warm. Wear high heels with hidden platforms because they provide more support for a long night of partying ahead. Keep in your purse a pair of “roll up” ballerina flats that you can easily take out and slip on if needed. After all, who wants to be stumbling home in 6 inch heels?

- Pretty add ons: A veil - you’ll most likely wear a traditional veil on your wedding day so why not use a fun and playful one for the bachelorette party. If you’re in charge of preparing the veil for the bride, you can customize her veil according to the theme or add pretty additions like candys, flowers or even raunchy items like condoms. Just make sure the bride has a sense of humour and doesn’t mind being the center of attention while wearing something like that.

- Pretty add ons: A “Bride” sash – sashes can be created easily with ribbons and pins.

- Pretty add ons: A crown

Dressing For the Party Guest:

The bridal party should decide on a theme that honors the bride and ask their party guests to dress accordingly to the stagette party. You can all choose to wear the bride’s favourite colour. Or you can use themes like

- “Queen Bee” – guests are asked to wear yellow and black clothing, black tape is added onto the outfit to create stripes. Add on antennas and beautiful flower clips to the hair. Make a sign for the bride that says “Our Queen is leaving the Hive”

- “Angels or Devils” – theres always a big debate amongst close friends who’s really the angel or the devil in the group. This is a fun way to spell it out to the crowd. Get Halos for the Angels and have them wear pretty white attire with tags that say “nice” and get Horns for Devils and have them wear sexy red attire with tags that say “naughty”

- Bride’s Favourite “Sports Team”

- “Traffic Light” – Single guests dress in Green, Married guests dress in red, and those who are unsure dress in yellow.

You can also make custom printed T-shirts (available at BangOn(.com) ) for all the guests to create a uniformed look that make lovely keepsakes after the party.

Ask Mimi: Finding the Right Boots for your Outfit

Short Skirts/Shorts

Just because its getting chilly out, you don’t have to pack up you short skirts or shorts just yet. Wear these items with sheer stockings or funky printed tights for a slimming effect, texture and coverage. Choose similar colored boots to complement your skirt and elongate your legs. If you choose a color that is substantially different from your skirt, your legs will appear to be cut into color blocks and thereby shorten your silhouette. The most flattering lengths to wear with short skirts are knee length or mid-calves. It will make provide more coverage to your legs and help balance out your short skirt for a more elegant look.

Pencil Skirts

The most flattering lengths to wear with pencil skirts are mid-calves or ankle boots.  If your pencil skirt is knee length, avoid pairing it with knee high boots as it will cover too much of your entire leg and make your whole lower body look bulky and imbalanced.

Daytime Dresses

Instead of wearing heels and pumps, daytime dresses including wrap, tunic, shift, A-line, and sweater dresses, etc can be paired with knee high, mid calf, or ankle boots in various styles too. Make sure your boot style is similar to your dress. If you are wearing a sexy clubwear dress, then you can pair it with modern patent boots with stilettos heels. Summer dresses with a flared body will look very stylish when worn with rustic cowboy boots and a slouchy fall cardigan.


Leggings are great worn underneath long fall tunics because they are soft and comfy and can be tucked easily into boots or UUGS. Make sure you choose a length that is long enough to be tucked into your boot or try leggings with stirrup heels. They hook onto the back of your heel and keep your leggings in place without riding up your leg as you walk.

Skinny Jeans

Any wash of skinny jeans look edgy and trendy with boots. Opt for skinny  jeans that tuck easily into your boots without creating too much bulkiness around your calves.

If you don’t like tucking in your jeans, opt for boot cut jeans. As the name suggests, they have a slight flare at the hem to be wide enough to cover your boots.

Avoid wearing harem pants – baggy pants or cropped pants with boots which will throw off the proportion of your body unless you are blessed with a lean figure.

How to Organize Your Closet

Do you have to dig through piles of clothes in order to find out what you have in your closet? Or are you using all your strength to push back enough space for your new purchases? When your closet has become so cluttered and packed that you cannot access all your clothing easily, it is time for some serious closet organization. We’ll give you some tips that will help you win the war between your big appetite for style against a limited closet space.

Step I – Purge

First empty everything from your closet. In order to actually analyze what you currently have and sort all clothing into categories, you need to be able to see everything. It’s much easier to make decisions by having all your pieces out and then decide to put back the items you need and love.

Take out accessories such as scarves, hats, and belts, etc as well. Accessories also need to be properly placed to help restore order in your closet.

Step II – Categorize

Please sort all clothing into three piles: keep, go, and maybe.

The Keep Pile consists of styles that you find yourself wearing most of the time and also, styles that are classic, vintage, and valuable. The general rule of thumb to eliminate stuff from your life is to keep only items that are Beautiful, Valuable or Loved.

Beautiful may be the form fitting coat that makes you look 10 pounds slimmer. Valuable may be the $200 pair of jeans that you can wear at least 3 times a week. Loved may be the eye catching red sun hat that you don’t wear often because you have no where special to go but you just adore it and you smile just looking at it.

The Go Pile consists of styles that you cannot remember wearing the last time, styles that are no longer suitable for your age and body shape, and also styles that cannot be matched with other items in the keep pile.

The Maybe Pile consists of any styles that you are unsure about at the moment.

Step III – Fitting

Put on the styles from the Maybe Pile one by one to actually see the designs on your current body shape. Would the styles go with what you have in your keep pile? Do the styles look flattering on you? Would you actually be wearing the styles in the following week? If you don’t see yourself wearing it immediately, chances are you won’t be wearing it 3 months down the line.

Step IV – Organize

Now that you are certain which items will remain in your closet, you also need to utilize the remaining space in your closet.

Try transparent plastic drawers/bins for storing your intimate wears. Transparent plastic bins can also come in handy when storing your shoes as well. You do not need to open all the boxes to find a specific pair of shoes.

You can utilize the back of your closet doors for hanging scarves, hats, and belts with over the door hooks. Hang similar styles next to each other for easier access.

Lastly, hang up all the clothes you possibly can. It helps to preserve them in better condition while folding may result in wrinkles. In addition, you can better see your styles when they are hung up.

Step V – Pack

Before you pack all unwanted styles, go through them again to find reusable fabric and parts. The designs may not be suitable for you now but the fabric may be transformed into something else.  You can use it to make a pillow case, reusable shopping bag, or a wiping cloth.

For all the rest of the items in the Go Pile, you can:
– Donate them to Salvation Army or your local thrift shop.

- Consign them to a consignment shop. If they end up selling the item, you make $

- Sell them on Ebay.

- Host a garage sale.

- Swap clothing with your girlfriends.

- Donate them to charity.

Please organize your closet regularly to maintain cleanliness and order. Make a decision right away which clothing you will keep or toss. Try to make cleaning your closet a habit and you will find shopping much easier because you will know what you need.

Dressing to Make Your Legs Looks Longer

Not blessed with long legs? You’re not alone. Think of glamourous stylish stars like Nicole Ritchie, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman to name a few. These are all beautiful celebrities all under 5’4″. Yet, you may not realize it as they are always cleverly styled in perfect outfits that help bring out their best assets. If you also happen to be a petite beauty, then this article is for you. Below, we’ll give you tips on dressing to make your legs look longer.


Wear one continuous color from top to bottom. Also, match the color of your shoes, tights and stockings with your pants or skirts. A sweeping continuous color will give the illusion of longer legs.

Utilize more dark or muted colors on your lower body to create a leaner look.

Avoid wearing different layers of colors on your lower body because the color block effect will break up a long continuous silhouette.

Short Tops

Opt for short to medium length tops to give the look of a shorter torso and longer legs.

Avoid wearing long tops that end at your hips because longer tops will “lengthen” your torso and thereby shorten the look of your legs.

High Waisted Bottoms

Wear high waisted designs as these styles will create an illusion of your waistline starting at a higher position and thereby maximizing your height.

Do tuck in your shirts or tops to prevent them from hanging too long and lengthening the look of your torso.

Avoid dropped waistbands or low waisted bottoms to avoid adding a horizontal line at the widest part of your body.


Keep your hemlines shorter for shorts and skirts to show a decent amount of legs.

Long pant hemlines that cover a tall platform heel will create the look of long lean legs in minutes!

Avoid hemlines that end mid-thigh or mid-calve.


Heels elongate your legs and accentuate your curves instantly. Yet, if you are not comfortable wearing heels, you may always start with 3 inches or wedges. Heels with “hidden platforms” are also a good choice since they are easier to walk in. A 5 inch heel becomes manageable when the front has a 2 inch “hidden platform”. Your feet doesn’t need to arch as instensely. Also opt for pointy toes to bring the vertical line down to the very far end of your toes.

Avoid strappy heels or ankle boots that will cut off your legs at the ankles.

You do not need to be born with model like legs for it to look miles long. Knowing how to dress yourself is all it takes to look slim and chic.

Finding the Right Hemline for Your Height

Mid thigh, above the knee, below the knee, mid calf, maxi … what is the perfect hemline for you? Each new season, you hear about the hemline length thats in style. So should you choose trend over the right fit for your body? Regardless of the trends, you should always consider your own body shape when you choose your hemlines.

Finding the right hemline length is important. Unsuitable hemlines throw off the overall proportion of your body while appropriate hemlines will serve to complement your body figure, accentuating the positive aspects while disguising any flaws.

We’ll show you a few hemline lengths that is suitable for your particular body shape.

—— Petite ——

For petite sized ladies, whether you have a fuller, hour glass, or straight shape, try shorter hemlines that end below your buttocks to show off a decent amount of your legs. Conversely, above knee lengths are also great because they elongate your height by drawing the eye further down your body.

Avoid lengthy skirts that stop either midway in your thighs or calves. They throw off a balanced body proportion and will further diminish your height and make your legs look shorter than they really are.

This is counterintuitive but floor length hemlines actually helps maximize your height as the eye is drawn all the way down and makes you appear to have a longer silouette. Add a pair of really high heels underneath for a more flattering result. This also works wonderfully for pants as well.

—— Tall ——

Taller ladies can get away with longer hemlines because of your longer legs. The most ideal length will be between knee length and right below the knee. If you have slim ankles and calves, mid calf hemlines will also look flattering on you.

Avoid shorter hemlines that sit at upper thigh. With too much skin exposure due to your height, such short styles show off too much leg and is only appropriate for informal parties or a night out at the club.

—— Heavy Bottom ——

—— Athletic ——

If you have athletic looking calves and ankles, you may want to avoid hemlines that draw attention to these areas. You may either choose the classic knee length styles that work the best for most body figures or completely conceal your legs with floor length maxi dresses.

Ideally, hemlines should never end at the widest part of your legs to avoid emphasizing the undesirable areas. If you are heavy through your rear and thighs, you may want to stay away from mid thigh hemlines because they increase visual width in your thighs.

Try flared shapes that fall right above the knee or slightly below the knee to balance out your thighs and rear area showing off the slimmest parts of your legs because hemlines will draw visual attention to wherever they end.

–Test Your Hemline–

If you are uncertain which hemline looks best on you, do a simple mirror test at home before you go shopping with a piece of fabric and the shoes you would normally wear with your  skirts or dresses. Progressively move the fabric upwards from the floor to experiment which hemline looks the most flattering for your height and shape. Ask a friend to help you take a photo at each length. When viewing your body shape inside a constrained rectangular photo, it will help you figure out which is one is most visually appealing.

In addition, do not hesitate to spend a little bit extra on alterations for the desirable hemlines because the correct hemline for your body figure will bring out your best assets.

How to Remove Make Up Stains from Clothing


Cosmetic make up is meant to complement your beauty but make up stains on clothes do not look attractive at all. Some make up stains can be quite challenging to remove without damaging fabrics. The cleaning methods we introduce here will ensure that you do not need to panic if you accidentally get make up stains on your lovely white clothing item.

(As always, be careful with delicate fabrics like silk and wool. When in doubt, bring it to a professional dry cleaners and ask for their expert opinion.)

Removing Non-oil based make up

Non-oil based make up includes eye shadows, blushes, and powders, etc. which are easier to clean off.

  1. Brush off the excess powder.
  2. Gently blot the stained area with a clean paper towel using a lifting motion.
  3. Take a mild cleaning solvent such as dish detergent, shampoo, or laundry detergent without bleach and apply it directly onto the spot with a drop of water.
  4. Use a plastic spoon or your thumb and forefinger and work the solution into the stain without rubbing it too hard. Do not rub the stain because it may cause the stain to set in on fabric or cause delicate fabrics to pill.
  5. Blot the stain with a clean paper towel.
  6. Run the fabric in warm water or launder as instructed as per the care instructions found on the label.
  7. If the stain is particularly stubborn, fill a tub with a mixture of water and detergent. Soak the entire item in this solution overnight and rinse it out in the morning. You should see a marked improvement.
  8. Hang dry your item. Do not place your item in a dryer until the stain is completely removed as heat from the dryer will accelerate the stain and set it deeper into the fabric.

Removing Oil based make up

Oil based make up includes rouge, mascara, eye liner, and foundation, etc. which require more steps to clean off.

  1. Blot the stained area with a clean white cloth with a lifting motion to remove any excess product.
  2. Take a dish detergent or shampoo and apply it directly onto the spot with a drop of water.
  3. Lightly blot out the stain until it is removed and launder as instructed following care instructions found on the label.
  4. If the stain is still present, try dabbing the stained area with makeup remover on a clean cloth. Do not rub the fabric to avoid further setting the stain and spreading it to other areas.
  5. Treat the stubborn stain with a bit of isopropyl alcohol or household ammonia. Rinse and launder as per label care instructions, and then air dry.


  1. Perchloroethylene, this so called dry cleaning solvent works the best to attack mascara stains. Leave the solvent on the stained area until it is dry.
  2. Brush off the residue and launder as per label care instructions.

Nail Polish

  1. Spread out the fabric over a bowl and secure with an elastic band around the edge.
  2. Apply a few drops of nail polish remover over the stained area.
  3. Wash out the solution and launder as per label care instructions.

Please test the above cleaning tips on a small, imperceptible area of your clothing first to make sure no damage or discoloration will occur. Do not try treating silk or wool unless you are certain it won’t damage it. These types of fabrics are delicate and often require professional cleaning. Also, do not heat dry your clothing until the stains are removed, otherwise, the heat will set the stain permanently.

Try cleaning your items with the above household products first and hopefully, it will save you a trip to the professional cleaners.


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